arthuria pendragon. saber class. proud knight-king.
"For now I see the old times are dead, when every morning brought a noble chance, and every chance brought out a noble knight. " - Alfred Lord Tennyson


i think i’ll be going on indefinite hiatus with this blog. not sure when i’ll be back. i’m not really feeling motivated with it, so we’ll see. it kind of causes me a fair deal of stress, also. thanks.  sorry! i might start over again maybe a new journal or something blog whatever but not right now i don’t think. 

i just got a kiritsugu keychain in the mail i can’t stopl laguhigngihgnghg

he looks so pissed to be in that envelope like

"fuq you IM A SUPERHERO"



Everybody please wish Kat ( TheKingoftheWind), (HeartofEphinea) a happy birthday!!!

She plays the incredible Richard and Lambda from Graces, and is generally one of the best reasons I’ve had to keep at it on roleplaying here. She’s also one of my best friends, one of the kindest, most generous, unselfish people I’ve ever met, and honestly if you’re friends with her you know exactly how fortunate you are to know her. 

As a roleplayer each and every post is incredible, every reply will make you feel various things, and she’s the most adorable thing OOC, as well. 

I don’t know what I would be without her, so please send her all the well-wishes and messages and generally just spam her inbox because she’s my baby.


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To all roleplayers I roleplay with:

If I didn’t reply:

  • YEP I  missed it.
  • I’m still working on it.

If you ever want to roleplay:

  • Invade my inbox and scream at me.
  • I don’t bite… I cut people in half (sometimes)
  • Ask for a starter or just post one and tag me~ 
  • This goes for EVERYONE. If our characters don’t normally interact THEY WILL AND THEY WILL LIKE IT.

Random notes:

  • You are kind.
  • You are important.
  • You are smart.
  • I love you all <3.

And to those I don’t roleplay with:

  • We totally should.

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Send me the names of 3 men and I’ll tell you who I want as my 

  • Husband
  • Best friend
  • Brother


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fortunainfinitus sent:

Connie, Irvin

Tell a really dumb joke…

"Do you take me for some sort of  jester? I will do no such thing.”

..what could I hope to tell?

How well do you trust others?

"If they are of good means, and uphold an honorable way, then I would see it proven. Words are not enough, they must be accompanied hand-in-hand by deeds."

Once I trusted a host of great men, all who swore their swords to me. When they bent the knee I trusted them and their deeds without question. I knew them to be honorable..

Times like those will not come again.

insecureayaka sent:

Eren and Levi

What is your greatest passion?

"I have one pursuit, and one only. To secure the salvation of Britain, and to that end, I will do whatever is necessary. I do not speak of the histories but of Camelot, of which I grievously failed. I am bound to this task as it’s King, now and forever."

What’s your height?


"I fail to see how my height is of relevance, however I am 154 centimeters. I trust this answers your inquiry?"